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This Raspberry Beret Crystal Mala is a handmade by A Little Piece of Me.   Crafted with 8mm genuine crystals gemstone. It carries with it a gentle reminder of self-love and healing energy, as well as spiritual protection. This mala is perfect for daily wear and makes a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection.


Crystals used in the mala:

Tourmaline~disperses emotional pain and dissolves ngeative feelings

Rose Quartz~universal love, restores trust and harmony in relationships, self love

Black Onyx~protection from negative influences, safety, grounding

Selenite~purification and clearing, positive engergy.


Each crystal mala created by ALPOM is its own work of art, therefore, no two are alike.  Lovingly hand-knotted and imbued with reiki energy.

Raspberry Beret Crystal Mala

  • Within two weeks of purchase

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