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We have bundled our best selling Sunny Day Body Wash with two of our favorites: Sunny Day Shower Scrub and Pure North Shower Steamer.  


Our Sunny Day Body Wash has been a best selling customer favorite since Little Flower's early days.  Bursting with fruity aromas and all natural goodness, this body wash nourishes body, mind and spirit! 


Sunny Day Sparkly Shower Scrub is a fantabulous exfoliant.  It gently sloughs away dead skin while moisutrizing skin.  We use the same citrus oils plus a dash of mint to add a little sparkle.  


Pure North Shower Steamer: this hand made shower steamer helps to open your sinuses and invigorate your whole shower experience! Great to use anytime you feel a little stuffy or congested...or when you need a little pick me up!


Specially priced and all bundled and ready to go!

Sunny Day Gift Bundle

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