This is your go-to cream when you have dry cracked inflammed skin, however, it is gentle enough to use every day.  This cream will leave your hands feeling soft and moisturized.  It only takes a few uses to start noticing the difference.  So what is the secret?  AMAZING organic/all natural ingredients!   Here is why it works: 

Organic German Chamomile Hydrosol:  This beautiful aromatic hydrosol helps to sooth inflammed skin and is a fabulous base in which to put all of our other amazing ingredients. 

Organic Pomegranate Seed Oil: We use this powerhouse oil often in our creams.  This beautiful organic oil helps to support the skin's natural repair process and is excellent for dry skin.  

Organic Avocado Oil: This beautiful emerald green oil is packed with nutrients that penertrate skin and support the skin well below its surface creating a soft supple texture.  Wonderful for dry chapped skin.  

Orangic Hemp Seed Oil: This gorgeous light green oil is high in fatty acids to help moisturize and soothe red irritated skin.  

Organic Marula Oil: This light and silky pale yellow oil is high in oleic acid which is helps support and repair inflammed skin.  The brand of oil I use is sustainable sourced from a woman's co-op in Botswana. 

Organic Palm Kernal Oil: This beautiful nutty oil is an emolliant that provides intense moisture to dry chapped skin.  The brand of oil I use is fair-trade and made in Togo and certifies that no Orangutans are harmed in the making of this oil. 

Organic Shea Butter: This thick rich butter is an emolliant high in Vitamins A & D.  It moisturizes and nourishes skin.  

Organic Palmarosa Essential Oil: This beautiful oil purifies and protects skin.  

Organic Elemi Essential Oil: Nurtures and protects skin. 

Organic Vetiver Essential Oil: This beautifully grounding oil helps calm red inflammed skin 

Organic Patchouli Essential Oil: Calms and nourishes inflammed red skin.  No worries if you do not like Patchouli, it is not the prevelent aroma in this cream.  


Whew! That's a lot of amazing ingredients packed into one cream!

As with all of my products, this blend is also imbued with beautiful healing energy for added therapeutic and emotional benefit.  


Handcrafted using only all natural and/or organic ingredients.
Created by a certified aromatherapist
Chemical Free
Paraben Free
Cruelty Free
Imbued with Reiki Energy 


Super Skin Nourishing Cream

  • German Chamomile Hydrosol*, Emulsifying Wax, Pomegranate Seed Oil*,  Avocado Oil*, Hemp Seed Oil*, Marula Oil*, Palm Kernal Oil*, Shea Butter*, Stearic Acid, Panthenol, Palmarosa Essential Oil*, Elemi Essential OIl*, Vetiver Essential Oil*, Patchouli Essential Oil*, Optiphen Plus Preservative*

    *Organic Ingredient