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Reiki Training and Attunements

Are you ready to take the next step on your spiritual journey? Consider becoming attuned to Reiki energy healing.  Reiki is a gentle form of hands on (or off) energy healing that is spiritually guided.  You can read more about Reiki on my Energy Work page.

Reiki Treatment

What is an Attunement?

A Reiki attunement is a sacred spiritual initiation for channeling Reiki energy.  This process is done from teacher to student. All that is necessary is for the student to want to receive this is initiation and for the teacher to intend to give it.  I believe that the teacher/student relationship is a sacred one.  Our relationship does not end when you receive your Reiki certificate. I will continue to mentor and guide you as you learn to channel Reiki energy.  

During a Reiki attunement you will learn the basic skills for that particular level of attunement. In Reiki 1, we talk about Reiki, what it is, what it isn't, the history of how it came to be...all the foundational basics. Additionally, we will talk about using your psychic senses and learning how to discern your ego voice from your Higher Self voice. You will meet your Reiki Guide (yes, that is a real thing). Your Guide is there to assist and guide you as you channel Reiki Energy.  Reiki 1 is about self-healing. Before we can go out into the world to help others, we need to work on our personal journey.  In Reiki 1, we will focus on self-healing hand positions, we will also talk about sharing Reiki with family and friends. We will discuss practicing Reiki and getting ready to advance to Reiki 2 where the ability to channel energy is amped up a level. 

In Reiki 2, we do a deep dive into the Reiki to draw them, what they invoke when to use them and where to use them.  We will go over how an energy session works, proper hand positions for working on another person.

We will cover the subtle energy system (chakras and aura), discuss the tools of the trade (pendulum, crystals, essential oils and more). We will go over the ethics of Reiki, sending distance healing to others and so much more! It will be a full day of learning and practicing Reiki.  

On going support....

When you train with me, I provide on-going support.  There is so much to know and it can be overwhelming and a little intimidating.  Many Reiki practitioners give up on their Reiki journey because they lack the mentor or guidance to continue on to becoming a confident healer.  I am always available with additional resources and support. I host regular Reiki Teach & Shares where you learn additional skills, you have the opportunity to meet other Reiki practitioners and practice hands-on healing.  You also have access to all of the workshops and learning materials available at my retail store The Curious Heart. I love talking shop, so stop in during retail hours and pick my brain! 

If you are interested in learning more, reach out to me at the shop


There will be Reiki 2 Training coming up in April and Reiki 1 Training in July.  With much love,

Mary Kate

Meet Your Teacher

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