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Hi! I am Mary Kate Santulli. I am a clinical aromatherapist and a reiki master teacher.  I am the owner and formulator behind Little Flower Essential Oil Blends and The Curious Heart Apothecary & Spiritual Center. I love helping helping people find ways to connect to their true selves through natural means, such as, natural body care products, essential oil blends, crystals and energy work.  My passion for helping others has led me on a journey of self discovery that I love to share with others.  Helping people is my life purpose (dharma).  I would love to help you connect with your higher self.  Helping you find your dharma is my dharma! 

            With much love,                                 Mary Kate

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My Story

Little Flower grew out of a personal journey I unwittingly began in 2013. At that time, I was (and still am) married to my best friend and partner in everything, Keith.  We had (and still do) three amazing children who are now young adults.  We lived (and still do) in a quaint small town in New Jersey where your neighbors are your friends....they shovel your driveway when you are ill, set up meal trains when your family is in crisis and come over for barbeques and a dip in the pool in the summer.  Sounds idyllic, right?  It is! Yet back in 2013 I could not see all of the amazing aspects of my life...I just felt numb and I did not know why.  I soon discovered that it was not outside forces that were making me unhappy, they were inner ones.  So, I began a journey which went inward to discover why I felt anxious and numb through most of my life (to read more about my journey you can check out my blog page).

That journey led me to practicing reiki to help alleviate "the symptoms".  I soon discovered a whole new world of "tools" that could help me.  Reiki led me to essential oils which led me to natural body care and meditation.  It has been a beautifully slippery slope of "tools" to help me discover who I was always meant to be.  On the journey I became a reiki master teacher, a clinical aromatherapist, and certified in natural skin care. When I put all of these beautiful modalities together, Little Flower Essential Oil Blends was born.  The name Little Flower comes from St. Therese of Lisieux or "The Little Flower".  She believed in simplicity in her devotions and service to God.  Her "little way" made a huge impact on the world.  In a similar way, I hope that my little products and services can in a small way help improve your life.

In 2021 I was blessed to open my first brick and mortar location in Westfield, NJ.  It is home to Little Flower Essential Oil Blends.  Additionally, it has all of the products and services that I love to create and curate. Recently I have also become a certified crystal healer and pendulum healer.  It is truly a dream come true! 

Please reach out to me if you don't see what you need on the shop page.  I am happy to make custom blends upon request. You can also reach out to me to learn more about reiki, chakra balancing, essential oils...or even just to say hi...I love hearing from my customers!


                                            Mary Kate



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TCH Mission

The Curious Heart Apothecary and Spiritual Center was born out of Little Flower Essential Oil Blends.  What began as a little dream of creating reiki imbued natural body care products grew into a apothecary, boutique and spiritual center dedicated to helping people get in touch with their life purpose and "get on the path".  

TCH is a grass roots movement dedicated to the notion that we were not just put here randomly.  We all have purpose and sometimes that purpose becomes clouded by "noise" and life.  We offer tools and modalities to quiet the noise and help you find your path and your higher purpose.  Curious?  Yes, I was too...hence, the name...The Curious Heart.  Come and get on the journey with me.


How can I help you? 

Message me and let's connect.


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