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All natural anti-aging eye butter is back.  This was one of my the first products I made and my long time customers asked why I stopped making it...the answer? I don't know! I am a gemini and I get bored and just move on.  So, I whipped another batch and rekinkled my love for this beautiful butter.


Why Its Awesome:

The butter just sinks into fine lines and wrinkles drenching skin with its skin nourishing benefits and keeping it moisturized and hydrated.  


The Super Stars:

It's the synergy of this blend that makes it so awesome.  Organic jojoba oil, matches the skins sebum providing hydration, along with organic shea butter to further hydrate and protect skin.  Then we add some amazing skin nourishing essential oils known to help maturing skin.  Put them together and whamo! You have an amazing butter for your gentle eye area.


How To Use

Place delicately around the eyes, avoiding eye itself.  Let this butter sink into the fine lines and wrinkles.  Bonus: Don't just stick to the eyes, put it on the marionette lines around your mouth area too!

All Natural Anti-Aging Eye Butter

  • All natural ingredients: Jojoba Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Beeswax*, Shea Butter*, Geranium*, Frankincense* and Sandalwood* essential oils, Vit. E.

    Note: the beeswax used is sustainably sourced, no bees were injured in the curating of their beautiful product.  Thanks, bees!

    *organic ingredient

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