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Crystal infused botanical aromatheray imbued with reiki energy for the heart chakra.


The heart chakra is the energetic center in our body.  It is in charge of unconditional love and forgiveness.  If you have experienced any kind of loss, this is the energy center that takes the hit.  When we feel extreme grief, sadness..its a sign that our heart chakra needs a little extra love.  Use this blend any time your heart needs an extra dose of love and healing or you want to supercharge your heart center to send love out to the world.  


Why It's Awesome:

This aromatherapy blend takes a few different energetic modalities and puts them together to create a powerful heart healing blend.  

  • Rose Quartz Crystals
  • Botanicals of Rose & Lavender
  • Organic Essential Oils of Ho Wood, Lavender, Bergamot, Grapefruit & a dash of Rose
  • Imbued and prayed over with reiki energy


The Super Stars:

It's the synergy of all the different energy modalities.  Crystals working with essential oils, botanicals and reiki energy.



Anahata Crystal Infused Botanical Aromatherapy

  • Within two weeks of purchase

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