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Mulhadara is Sanksrit for Root Chakra.  This is the chakra that keeps us grounded in our bodies and in alignment with the earth.  This is the chakra that works to get stuff done.  When we are feeling spacey or not fully present in our bodies, we need to ground. 


So what is grounding?  Grounding is pulling our subtle energy (spirit, soul) back into our physical body.  During the course of our day, our energy can become scattered...thinking about what happended yesterday or worrying about what might happend tomorrow.  This scattered energy means we are not fully in the present moment and not fully present in our body.  If we are not fully present in our body, then guess what?  You are not getting stuff done.  We are put here on earth to learn lessons to help grow our soul and to serve one another.  We cannot do those things if our energy and presence is scattered about.  


Muldhara is an organic essential oil blend hand crafted in small batches and specifically designed to help with grounding and presense.  It also has a protective aspect too due to the tigers eye crystal in the blend.  It is also imbued with Reiki energy. 


Put this blend on the bottoms of you feet and a swirling motion then place your feet on the floor and envision roots growning down into the earth and wrapping around the earth's core.   

Mulhadara Crystal Infused Aromatherapy~Root Chakra

  • Organic Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Vetiver, Spikenard, Ghandi Root, Patchouli, Tigers Eye Crystal

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