Give the gift of positive energy and relaxation.  This little duo packs a lot of positive calming energy. 

2 oz. Clear My Space Energy Clearing Spray and 10 ml Joyful Soul Rollerball. 


Clear My Space Spray is made with beautiful White Sage and Sweet Grass Hydrosols.  White sage and sweet grass have been used by indiginous people for centuries to clear negative energy.  To this beautiful blend we add a dash of Palo Santo essential oil.  This gorgeous oil has been used to purify sacred spaces and brings a sense of serenity and connenctedness with the earth.  The aroma is so grounding and calming...great for meditation too.  Imbued with beautifully gentle reiki energy for maximum negative energy clearing benefits.  

Joyful Soul is a 10 ml rollerball of lovely essential oils meant to help relax and assist with meditation.  Corianer helps us to seek change yet be true to ourselves, Clary Sage encourages us to embrace the timelessness of our journey and pour love into each second, Lavender embodies warm protective Mother Earth energy and Jasmine calls in angelic realms and helps us transmit our Soul's Joy.  Bonus: It's an amazing sleep blend too!


Comes in a beautiful gold gift bag with tissue paper.  


All ingredients are plant-based natural and or organic. 


Mystical Energy Gift Set

  • Clear My Space: White Sage Hydrosol, Sweet Grass Hydrosol, Palo Santo Essential Oil, Natural Preservative

    Joyful Soul: Coriander, Clary Sage, Lavender, Jasmine Organic Essential Oils, Jojoba Oil