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Looking for that peaceful easy feeling?  We got ya covered! 


We are just loving the Turquoise Howlite Summer Collection created by A Little Piece of Me. The 8 mm howlite crystals used in the collection were specifically chosen for their peaceful calming properties.  When you put these pieces on you immediately have that peaceful easy feeling which is what summer is all about!


The Heart Collection has three pieces: a necklace, earrings and bracelet.  You can wear them together or separately...either way they look amazing!  You will love this collection so much, you'll still be wearing them long after summer has gone! 


Every piece of jewelry from A Little Piece of Me is lovingly handcrafted using only the highest quality crystals and is imbued with lots of positive intention.  Because each piece is handcrafted with painstainking detail, no two pieces are exactly alike.  Being unique and imbued with high vibe energy is what makes jewelry by A Little Piece of Me so special. 


Note: You can buy the whole collection or buy individual pieces. 


Necklace~23 inches

Bracelet~7 inches 


Turquoise Howlite Heart Collection

  • Howlite dyed turquoise beads, alloy, mixed metals

    *nickel free

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