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BIG tension, BIG throbbing, BIG discomfort need BIG RELIEF!  That's why we created BIG BOY! It's amazing organic plant based ingredients combat all of the above to helping muscles and joints to feel good again.


Why Its Awesome:

We blend this in a BIG 1 oz. size rollerball.  This means it can cover a larger surface area giving you BIG relief over a wider area. We use a synergy of organic plant and essential oils in a slightly higher dilution (fancy way of saying more essential oils) to be used when your discomfort is more pronounced.   


The Super Stars: 

Finding the just right combonation of plant based carrier oils and essential oils is key to creating  an effective blend.  BIG BOY uses amazing organic plant based carrier oils, such as, arnica (great for bruises too), calendula (helps relieve soreness), st. john's wort (helps with muscle, joints) then pairs them organic therapeutic grade essential oils that have the same properties.  The result is blend that tones down the throbbing and tension and brings relief. 


Good to Know:

We use only therapeutic grade essential oils and only all natural ingredients in our products. All blends are imbued with reiki energy to bring out the most beautiful qualities of each oil.

If you have a medical condition and are taking any medication or undergoing any type of medical treatment you should check with your health care provider before use. Please patch test inside your arm for skin sensitivity.


All blends will be properly diluted with an appropriate carrier oil for CHILDREN 10 AND UP . Please message me if you would like it diluted for a child and then I would be happy to accommodate. Essential oils are extremely concentrated and require less to receive the same therapeutic benefit in children.


All orders include specific instructions for application and proper storage of the oils.


Be sure to check out my facebook page for personalized blends and the latest additions to my product line.



Big Boy Rollerball

  • 1 oz. Large Rollerball with Clove*, Ginger*, Spike Lavender*, Helichrysum*, Sandalwood*, Frankincense* & Black Pepper* essential oils in Trauma Oil*.  

    *indicates organic ingredient

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