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This lovely lemony natural plant based body wash was inspired by a beautiful courageous young woman who wanted a body wash to use to while she was undergoing chemotherapy treatments.  It was an honor to make the body wash for her and I am happy to continue to making it in Gabby's honor.  Here is the story:


One of my favorite things about starting Little Flower is all of the amazing and inspiring people I have met along the way.  Many of my customers ask for special one of a kind gifts to celebrate a special occasion or to cheer someone up.  This particular custom order is very special to me as you will soon learn why...

It all began last spring when a mom reached out to me and asked me to create a lemon body wash for her daughter, Gabby,  who was undergoing chemotherapy treatment. She explained to to me how much Gabby loves the smell of lemons; she wanted to keep her spirits up and thought this would be a great way to do just that. I was happy to oblige and handcrafted a beautiful all natural lemon body wash to help uplift and support Gabby.  Soon the whole family began using the body wash, so I made it a few times for them over the course of the summer.  Then in late summer the news came to me that Gabby no longer needed the body wash as her spirit was set free.  Her family still needed it, though, it helped them to feel a little closer to Gabby each day.  So, I continued to make it for Gabby's family.  As the holidays approached, Gabby's mom reached out to me.  She wanted to give Gabby's favorite body wash out as gifts to friends and family.  What a wonderful idea! I was so excited to make such a personal and thoughtful holiday gift.  A slight wrench was thrown into the plans and we could not get it done in time for the holidays.  All was not lost, instead we created the body wash as a gift to celebrate the new year. Gabby's Sunshine Body Wash...what a wonderful way to welcome 2021 and to honor someone so loved and cherished. I never had the pleasure of meeting Gabby in person when she was here, however, I felt her presence cheering me on as I lovingly hand made her body wash.  Supporting each other in any small way is what gets us all through each day.  I feel so honored and humbled to have been small part of the Pericone family's journey.  


Twenty percent of sales go to Kaleidoscope of Hope in Gabby's memory.  


Added Bonus:

All of my products are not only lovingly handcrafted, they are imbued with reiki healing energy.  Learn more about about this gentle healing method and its many benefits on my reiki web page. 

Gabby's Sunshine Body Wash

  • distilled water, cocamidoprpyl betaine, sodium lauroyl oat amino acid, glycerin, guar cat, natural perservative, lemon, citric acid

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