Handcrafted using only all natural and/or organic ingredients.
Created by a certified aromatherapist
Chemical Free
Paraben Free
Cruelty Free
Imbued with reiki energy


Trouble sleeping? Anxiety? Depression? Headache Pain? Inhalers do it all and they can truly help.  Inhalers are probably most marginized form of receiving essential oils and yet they are one of the most effective ways to receive the beautiful therapeutic benefits oils offer. Just gently inhale in each nostril as needed.  The benefits are almost instanteous.  They are small enough to tuck in your pocket and take it with you where you go.  These little treasures can last for months.  


Standard Options: Sweet Dreams, Headache Buster, Sunny Citrus.

Inhalers can be customized upon request.  Message me for details.  


  • Depends on oils chosen, message for details.