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Let this lovely sweet herbal warm aroma whisk you off to dreamland.  This blend is also super helpful for stress and anxiety.  The super star oils in this blend: 


Lavender, Sweet Orange, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile & Elemi essential Oils


5 drops in a diffuser or simply sniff the cap and off to dreamland you go! Sweet Dreams.  


Handcrafted made using only all natural and/or organic ingredients
Created by a certified aromatherapist
Chemical Free
Paraben Free
Cruelty Free
Imbued with Reiki Energy 


I use only therapeutic grade essential oils and only all natural ingredients in my products.  All of my blends are imbued with reiki energy to bring out the most beautiful qualities of each oil.

All orders include specific instructions for application and proper storage of the oils.


Note: This is a diffuser blend only, not mean for skin application.  Bergamot makes this blend phototoxic.  


Be sure to check out my facebook page for personalized blends and the latest additions to my product line.

Sweet Dream Diffuser Blend

  • Lavender*, Sweet Orange*, Bergamot*, Roman Chamomile* & Elemi *Essential Oils

    *indicates organic ingredient

    Note: This is a diffuser blend only.  Bergamot makes this blend phototoxic and not safe for skin application due to potential sun exposure.  

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