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Curious About Crystals?

Crystals…they are purported to help with everything from sleep to anxiety. But do these natural substances really do what they say? Or is it just brilliant marketing?

The crystal industry is a $1 billion a year business…and growing! The recent pandemic has only made the crystal business more robust as people look for natural alternatives to alleviate their stress and anxiety issues. But can crystals really help? If so, why? What makes them so special? Why should someone opt for, say an amethyst crystal to help with sleep issues as opposed to taking an over the counter sleep remedy? Let’s take a look and see if we can find out.

Crystals have been around literally since the earth began and were used by ancient civilizations, such as Egyptians and Native Americans, for their medicinal and ornamental qualities. Crystals, which are usually minerals, are created when liquid (like sea water) combines with tremendous heat (think volcano) and pressure. If you want to get hippy dippy for a minute, the earth gives us everything we need to survive. Take plants as an example, we use them in a variety of ways to support our life and social structure. We use plants for food, to formulate medicines, make clothing, cosmetics and products (think hemp and bamboo)...we even make essential oils from them! They support us in so many different ways…I could write a book on the subject. However, I digress…we are here to learn about crystals, which like plants, have been given to us by Mother Earth.

Crystals, as mentioned earlier, are formed by the earth via a scientific process. Most crystals have an internal structure with a regularly repeating pattern called a crystalline lattice. This crystalline lattice is what “programs” the crystal to perform its various therapeutic functions. So, really it’s not mystical at all…its science! The same way a carrot has been programmed through its DNA structure to offer nutrition and therapeutic value (known to support the eyes), crystals also have therapeutic benefits that have been programmed into their beautiful little mineral hearts!

Because they come from the earth,not only do they have therapeutic properties, they contain the earth’s powerful energy, so they have spiritual qualities as well! What a bonus! If you have ever held a crystal in your palm and felt a tingle or vibration, then you already know there is something pretty mystical and special about these little gifts from nature.

Now that we know why crystals are so powerful, let’s look at a few well known crystals and learn a little about their therapeutic and spiritual benefits.

Amethyst is one of the best known crystals and for good reason. These purple semi precious gems are not only beautiful to look at, they have some powerful healing properties. Here are just a few:

  • Protection against negative entities

  • Provides positive motivation

  • Promotes positive dreams and restful sleep

  • Assists with balancing emotions

  • Calms an overactive mind (3rd eye)

  • Enhances intuition

When you read about all of the amazing benefits amethyst has to offer, it is no wonder it is such a popular crystal!

Another staple for your crystal tool box is Clear Quartz. It is considered a master crystal because it does so many things so well! Here are just a few reasons why you need this crystal in your life:

  • Powerful energizer of physical and emotional bodies

  • Assists with healing mind, body, spirit and emotions

  • Amplifies the energy of other crystals

  • Powerful amplifier of intentions and manifesting

  • Promotes mental clarity

  • Balances and aligns chakras

Choose from either a gorgeous large tumbled clear quartz or a handful of clear quartz points to start your collection.

Next up in our crystal toolbox is Black Tourmaline. Black Tourmaline may look like a lump of coal in its rough state, however, it has some very powerful healing qualities. Here are just a few:

  • Protects against electromagnetic pollution and negative energy

  • Enhances grounding

  • Increases physical energy

  • Helps decrease negative thinking

  • Enhances positive thinking and creativity

  • Strengthens immune system

  • Cleanses physical and ethereal bodies

  • Decreases arthritis pain

  • Helps relieve anxiety

Many people leave a piece of Black Tourmaline near their computer to help absorb electromagnetic pollution.

After reading the healing qualities of these crystals, you can see why crystals have become so popular. Who wouldn’t rather reach for something that is all natural, from the earth and filled with powerful healing energy? Society is beginning to “normalize” these esoteric tools and for good reason. They are so beneficial and they work. No longer do you need to go to Sedona or Asheville to find quality crystals. You can find high quality crystals right in your own hometown. How convenient!

There is so much to know when choosing crystals, it can get a bit overwhelming. Why are there so many different shapes? What do they mean? What is the difference between rough vs. tumbled? Does size matter? If you feel a bit overwhelmed and need some guidance, stop into The Curious Heart. Together we can find the right crystal(s), with the right shape and texture to fit your needs.

If you are new to crystals or are still a little skeptical, I encourage you to stop by The Curious Heart Apothecary & Spiritual Center. I love talking about crystals, essential oils and other natural ways to help you feel centered and empowered in your life. I also offer workshops on crystals, chakras, meditation and more. Go to my website to see the latest workshops.

The Curious Heart Apothecary & Spiritual Center is devoted to all things that uplift, mind, body & spirit. We offer all natural products and services that help you feel more empowered in your life. Come check out our line of handcrafted all natural body care products, essential oil blends, crystals, incense, metaphysical jewelry and more. Located at 509 Central Avenue between Sussex Street and Cacciola Place. Limited off street parking is available.

Mary Kate Santulli

Certified Aromatherapist

Reiki Master Teacher

Certified Crystal Healer

Owner, The Curious Heart Apothecary & Spiritual Center

509 Central Avenue

Westfield, NJ 07090


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