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Signs from Spirit

One of my favorite podcasts is Enlightened Empaths. The two hosts, who are both, psychic mediums offer such grounded advice and wisdom. Every couple of months they do an episode on visits and signs from spirit. In these episodes, listeners send in their stories and experiences of how they have connected or continue to connect to their loved ones on the Other Side. I always enjoy listening to these episodes, they bring such validation and hope that although are loved ones are no longer in a physical body, they can still find ways to let us know they are around. A few months ago, I decided to share a few of the stories of how my dad has continued to connect to my family. It was very cathartic writing out the email, I cried a little, laughed a little and felt much better when it was done. I sent it off to Samantha and Denise (Enlightened Empaths) and pretty much forgot about it. The other day, I was making body wash and decided to tune into my favorite podcast. When I opened the app and saw the show title, " Visits and Signs from Spirit", I immediately recalled that I had submitted a story. I never heard back from them, I felt disappointed that my story didn't make the show. I turned it on anyway as I like to hear the stories. Much to my surprise, my story was the very first one!

If you would like to take a listen, just click below. It does take a few minutes as nothing with my dad is ever short, however, it may give you a chuckle as my dad's personality truly shines through. If you don't already have Enlightened Empaths on listen list, I strongly encourage you to listen along with Samantha Fey's other podcast, Psychic Teachers. Both are really fantastic!

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