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Manifesting Meditation

I invite you to find a comfortable position sitting upright with your feet flat on the floor, keeping your spine straight yet relaxed.

We begin with gratitude for all that we are and all that we have and for taking time in your busy day to connect with yourself.

I invite you to settle in and get comfortable. Close your eyes if you have not done so already. Start to become aware of your body, how it feels against your chair, soften your jaw and allow your tongue to fall comfortably between your teeth, allow the muscles in your neck and shoulders to soften and relax. Exhale any negative energy out of your body. Continue to focus your consciousness on your body as we begin some deep breathing.

For a count of six, inhale deeply through your nose …as you inhale feel your body further relax and soften. Again, Notice the touch points of your body… hold your breath for a count of 4 while continuing to notice your body. Exhale for a count of 7. As you exhale push out any stress or negative energy from your body. Repeat two more times.

Continue breathe normally…

I am now going to ask you to bring your focus to your feet. Wiggle your toes and become keenly aware of the energy in your feet. Begin to visualize cords or roots forming at the base of your feet. These cords or roots are what connects you to the earth and keep your consciousness rooted in your body. Visualize a warm energy coming up from the earth through the floor and into the soles of your feet. This energy feels warm and nurturing. It relaxes your toes and feet as it begins to travel up your legs spreading it gentle nourishing warmth up your calves, then to your knees and into your thighs. Your lower body truly begins to feel relaxed. As you continue to breath, you settle in more deeply and enjoy the warm and nurturing heat as it travels up your pelvis and into your belly. Your belly feels warm, it may even feel a slight tickle as this energy is full of love and compassion. As you continue to breathe you feel even more relaxed and comfortable. This warm loving energy moves its way up your torso and into your heart. Your heart immediately responds to this powerful yet gentle energy with love and self- compassion. You feel deep and immense love for yourself, who you are and who you are yet to become.

As you continue to breathe, this warm glowing energy wraps it warmth around your shoulders. It feels like a warm lovely blanket enveloping you in love. Your hands begin to radiate a warm loving energy.

As this beautiful energy makes it way up your neck, it releases any residual stress or tension leaving you feeling completely relaxed. Finally this loving energy makes it way past your mouth and nose and eyes to the center of your forehead. Here this gorgeous energy rests for a moment. It gently sends a glowing warmth into your mind’s eye gently burning away any negative thoughts or blocks that will keep you for realizing your true potential. As it gently continues its work, you begin to see who will become. Take a moment to really absorb this feeling and visualize what you want and who it is you want to become.

You can see the future and its infinite potential. You feel hopeful, confident and full of love.

This gentle energy reaches its final stage, moving out of the top of your head. As it does so, it lovingly wraps itself around your entire body creating a bubble of loving, compassionate energy. This is now your energy, full of infinite possibilities. You feel nothing but love and gratitude for yourself and this beautiful energy. You make a promise to yourself to maintain this energy as you journey into the person you are about to become. Use this meditation as often as you need to, as you manifest your future self.

When you feel ready, begin to come back…wiggle your fingers and toes…open your eyes. Thank yourself for taking the time to reconnect with who really are. Namaste.

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