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Manifesting with the Universe

Updated: Jun 24

As many of you now know, The Curious Heart will be moving part of its operations to Downtown Cranford. This was a very unexpected and happy surprise that fell into my lap. Here's how it happened...

It all began a year ago when I had my annual birthday reading with my amazing friend and psychic medium. She put a bug in my ear (not literally), that my store in Westfield would be moving to a bigger location. I was surprised to say the least...I had just got this store up and running and now I'm moving??? Yeah, seems unlikely but I had to admit she had a great track record with her accuracy. You see, three years ago she said that my online Little Flower business would open a brick and mortar store. It would be in a brick building with a parking lot to its side. Well, guess what? My shop is in a brick building with a parking to its side! So, although I was skeptical, I did tuck it away as a possibility.

As 2023 progressed on, I began meeting more spiritual entrepreneurs and practitioners who were looking to collaborate. By the end of 2023 it was apparent that my current location was just not going to be big enough to house all of the big plans we were creating. Maybe it was time to look for a bigger location? Bring on 2024 and let the manifesting begin! is something I have naturally been good at my whole life. I am not was just something I realized soon after opening the Westfield store. I looked back over the course of my life and realized I had "called" in every single piece of it. Nothing had just randomly happened to me. So, now it was time to manifest a bigger space to grow this community that I had started.

How to Manifest with the Universe:

Step One: Be Clear with the Universe on what you want. I thought the best way to do this was to come together with my spiritual besties and brainstorm. We created a clear plan on what we wanted...a real solid wish list for the Universe. I recorded everything in my trusty marble notebook. Writing it down would surely show the Universe we are ready for action. Okay....we are ready for the most perfect space...bring it on! Unfortunately it doesn't quite work like that...a little more effort on my part was required. Physical action was going to be required. Okay...I can do that! So, I spent the first few months of 2024 looking for a space that could house both retail and services. My spiritual besties had a few requirements for their healing spaces...a certain square footage, window(s), etc. It was soon becoming quite a challenge to find this unicorn! By March I was becoming frustrated...then I remembered the golden rule of manifesting.

Step Two: DO NOT PUSH THE ROCK UP THE HILL! Oh right, I had steam-rolled right over this important step...looking to take control of the situation, I had begun trying to force the next version of The Curious Heart into existence. You cannot force things when manifesting. I had already put my order in with the Universe, now it was time to wait for delivery.

Step Three: Waiting for Delivery. As Tom Petty expressed so adeptly...the waiting is the hardest part. So, I stopped looking for that new perfect space, I keep my vision clear on what I wanted, I kept my vibration positive and high, and I then I let go....knowing the Universe would deliver my request in its Divine Timing. I focused on where I was...and the beautiful store that I had co-created with the Universe, I stayed in the energy of gratitude...and just merrily continued along on doing what I was doing. From time to time my spiritual besties would ask what was happening...and I would reply that it would happen when it was ready to happen and I was done pushing the rock uphill.

Step Four: The Universe Delivers! Fast forward to just two weeks is my birthday eve and we had a surprise small group reading by a fantastic psychic medium and good friend to the shop. She said to me...your parents are sending you angel numbers...11. Okay, I had noticed 11s from time to time...I would look at a clock it was 11:11 or 1:11...I would note it but didn't put a lot of meaning to it. Okay, put that little nugget in your back pocket and save it for later...

On my birthday, my daughter Emily and I decided to go shopping in Downtown Cranford. We went to my favorite little boutique and I found a new dress to wear to dinner that night along with a fun little summer bag. As we strolled around Cranford looking for other stores to go into and shop, we passed a store that had opened just last year and it looked noticeably dark. We pulled on the door and it was locked, it was obviously closed. We both commented how unusual it was for a store to be closed on a Sunday in Downtown Cranford with all of these people strolling around. We continued on... The rest of my birthday was just lovely...I lounged by the pool for a bit, went to a lovely dinner, and then had cake and presents. It was a perfect birthday celebration!

The day after my birthday...I had an appointment scheduled with amazing psychic medium who read for me last year. I seems pretty nutty all of these psychic readings but this reading I had booked back in December (because that is how far she books out) as a birthday present to myself. So, here I was a year later having a reading by the same psychic medium who had last year told me I would moving...and I was not any closer to moving than I was a year ago (or so I thought). She said...your dad is here and wants to talk to you about your business. My dad had lots of advice for me (of course he did) on what I needed to be doing differently in business. She was surprisingly accurate on a few details of things I needed to tighten up...I guess my dad really is working with me everyday! She then know you are moving, right? Are you actively looking for space? I replied, "No...I am done pushing the rock uphill...if its meant for me then it will find me." She commented, "well, when it happens, it will happen fast!" The rest of the reading was wonderful with my parents both expressing their pride in everything I am doing and letting me know they are helping me from the Other Side. That thought always brings me great comfort. Little did I know how much they were helping from the Other Side.

The next day I went about my was a day off for me...the shop was closed and I didn't have any Reiki appointments. As I was entering the grocery store to do some much needed food shopping, I received a text from a friend that stopped me in my tracks. The closed store downtown that I had walked by the other day is for rent. Omg!! This was the very same store that I had looked at three years ago when I was shopping for a home for The Curious Heart. Back then it was a lovely boutique and home furnishings store. The owner was not sure if he was ready to move on to his next chapter...and I couldn't wait any I moved on and found my sweet little spot in Westfield. A year later, he decided it was time to move on and a new business took over the store. Now here we are three years later...and this space is back on the market. I would have to move quickly or it would get snatched up in no time. I called the number on the sign and spoke to the Landlord, we chatted about my business and what I planned to do in the space. Although he didn't quite get my "outside the box" business, he told me to meet him the following day at the store. I felt my life was about to take a very interesting turn in the most wonderful of ways. All of this was happening at the entrance to Shop-Rite,,, of course it was! I am not even sure of what I bought that day...I walked around with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. I could not wait to for the next day to come!

I went home and told Keith about the day's happenings....he was cautiously optimistic...he has always been the brake pedal to my gas pedal in our marriage and I appreciate that. As hard as a I tried to remain neutral...I couldn't deny that I already wanted the space. It was "the one" that got away three years the guy you had a crush on all through high school and finally breaks up with his girlfriend. Ugh! I was already emotionally invested. Another rule of manifesting is "no grasping"...the harder you grasp, the more elusive it becomes. So, I tried to put it out of my no avail...I dreamt about it that night too.

The next day I got ready...I did my hair and makeup and found an outfit that made me look professional without trying too hard. I was excited! I wanted to be taken seriously. Three years ago, I was unproven...a newbie entrepreneur with a business that was a bit outside the say the least. The landlord I was meeting is a very prominent and well-known businessman in town. He has been involved with all aspects of Cranford since I was a little kid. I was pretty sure that he knew my dad...but I wasn't 100% sure. I met him outside of the store and we walked in together. By now most of the furniture was gone and I could see the expanse of the was big. Not only was it was totally finished. The lighting and ceiling were fantastic, the walls were painted a soft gray and the floors were done. It was move-in ready and perfect! He explained that the whole store was renovated two years ago. As we chatted out the space and all the upgrades he made, I pointed out his generosity in taking such great care of his property. He nonchalantly waived me off and said.."Ehh, it's only money." My dad used to say that all the time! It was like his tagline! Again, I wondered if he knew my dad. Memories of this store...and being in this store as a kid with my dad and mom came brimming to the surface. Back then it was a men's clothing store. I spent many a Saturday afternoon sitting in an uncomfortable hard wood chair watching my dad try on suits. He was quite a clothes horse...but that is a story for another blog...let me get back to present day.

I figured a space this awesome would be completely out of my price range. As the landlord went over all the financial details for the space I quickly ran the numbers in my head and I knew I could afford it. My enthusiasm was gaining momentum. My inkling was to tell him, "I'll take it" but instead I asked him if my husband could see it....I explained that, while I am the owner of the business, my husband is my consigliere (my most trusted advisor). We agreed to meet a few days later so Keith could see it. Before we parted company, he said to me..."oh there was one more thing I wanted to tell you...but I can't remember what it is." The next thing he said made arm hair stand on end. He said, "I guess it musta been a lie." I swear in that moment I saw my dad's face. My dad used to say that phrase! Was my dad trying to let me know he was behind all of this? So, I finally asked him, "Did you know my dad...his name was Mike Harrington." With a smile he replied, "The Port Authority cop? I knew him. He was a good guy." Well, there it was my dad! The Universe conspired to surprise me with the most wonderful birthday gift (albeit three days late...but I won't hold it against them).

After parting company with the landlord, I immediately called Keith. I was giddy with excitement...I was talking so fast that Keith wondered out loud if I did a little day drinking before I called him. No, I was buzzed off the energy of the Universe and how it how it perfectly orchestrated everything! I knew I couldn't wait four days to make a decision. I knew what I wanted and I was going to say yes to the Universe! I texted the landlord the next day and told him I was going to take the space...which happens to be 11 North Union Ave!! As I repeated the address back to myself, I recalled the psychic reading I had a on my birthday eve where the psychic medium said, your parents are sending you angel numbers 11. Thanks, mom and dad...even from the Other Side you are finding ways to take care of me. I won't let you down...we are going to co-create something really special here. Stay tuned....

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