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Empaths: Energy Filtering Meditation

Do you feel fatigued, anxious, angry, or depressed and have no obvious explanation for it (meaning there isn't an actual event to explain why you feel this way)? Then you may be an Empath. In this video I talk briefly about the tools that I use to help me as an empath. I finish with a short energy filtering meditation. Energy filtering helps you take the uplifting happy energy and transmute heavier negative energy, such as, anger, jealousy, fear, anxiety. This is a gamechanger for empaths...especially those that work with the public. I am happy to do a longer virtual 1:1 meditation with you to teach you how to ground yourself, balance your chakras and then finish with the energy filtering meditation. Click here if you'd like to book a virtual appointment. Hope you find this video blog helpful. Stay well, my friends! :-)

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