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Hiya! This is my first blog...a little nervous...I may be the only person who reads this! Lol! Let me just jump right in. I love essential oils. I am a certified aromatherapist and have been using them for years. I use them for everything from sleep to muscle pain. Lately I have been using my oils to boost my immune system. Like all of you, I am so concerned about protecting myself and my family from Covid19 or as I like to call it...the creeping crud. We are doing everything we can to keep it out of our house. We are all stocked up on hand sanitizers and face masks. I am constantly wiping down door knobs and handrails. Every little bit matter how small.

There is one tool we are using that I would like to share with you...essential oils. These amazing little beauties have helped me sleep, de-stress, meditate, and relieve my everyday aches and pains. Now they are helping to boost my immune system.

There are many wonderful oils that are anti-viral, anti-microbial and immune boosting. I recently made a blend that has all of these therapeutic properties and it smells great! It can be used in a diffuser, an inhaler, or a drop on the shower floor. It helps boost the immune system while fending off the creeping crud. The stars of this blend: Ravintsara, Tea Tree, White Spruce, Peppermint & Green Mandarin essential oils. This blend is meant for kiddos over 10 years old...mine are all well past that age and it should be diffused in a room that allows for good ventilation and access so our little furry friends can escape if they don't like the aroma. What's not to like? Its smells like a minty forest...oh also opens up your airways. These sweet little gems really do it all! Bonus: there are many ways to use these beautiful oils and they will help boost your immune system...creams, sprays, diffusers, rollerballs, name just a few. One of favorite things to do is a create a blend you love with the oils you need. Feel free to reach out any time you need a specialty blend. Stay well. I will be back with another post soon...stay tuned!

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