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Why I do what what I do...

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

So when we last left off I had just received my first reiki treatment. Little did I know on that day, with that treatment, I was put on a path toward my life's purpose. It has been a long and winding road taking me to so many new places...most of them virtual. In this age of technology, we are blessed to have at our finger tips things people used to have to travel weeks or months to find. I have been blessed to be able to receive my certification in aromatherapy without ever having to leave my family. I studied nights and weekends after the kids were settled for the evening. I am not sure I could have done that 15 years ago. Technology has been such a blessing in that regard. I did receive all of my reiki attunements in person, however, I have spent much time taking virtual courses to further my knowledge of energy work and the chakra system.

In 2012, before all of this began, if you had given me a glimpse into 2020 Mary Kate I don't think I would have believed you. Back then I did not think much about esoteric subjects (wasn't even sure what the word meant back then). I used essential oils only occasionally and usually picked them up at a Big Box store. I was happy to use whatever bath or body product I picked up at the grocery store caring more about the aroma than the ingredients or how it was made. My, my, in only 8 years how things have changed. Today I see the value in intention and dedication and that small things can make a difference. A smile from a stranger, someone holds a door for you, a friend sends a text telling you how they miss you. All just little gestures that can make someone's day...I know they have made mine. It is in that spirit that Little Flower was born. I make the products that I make because it is a physical manifestation of my soul's need to help make this world a better place...even if it's only in a small way. It's my form of artistic expression. I am not Ghandi and I am not Oprah. I am Mary Kate and while it is not my purpose to do things on a grand scale, it is my purpose to show people that little changes, little acts of kindness toward ourselves and others can make BIG changes in this world. We all have a life purpose, a reason for being here and many of us spend years trying to figure out what that purpose may be. While I don't know your life purpose, I can tell you this...a big part of our life purpose is to lift one another up through love and forgiveness. Sounds easy, doesn't it...yet is it really? Grudges, anger and resentment hurt us energetically, emotionally, spiritually and eventually physically. Energy work, chakra balancing, products with intention are all intended to help break through those blocks and to help you on your journey toward fulfilling your life's purpose. These tools have helped me immensely on my journey toward being the best wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend I can be. Best of all these tools are so gentle you might not even be aware that they are working, yet they are!

In the end, its about meeting you where ever you may be on your journey. Maybe you are looking for answers to BIG questions...or maybe you are just looking for a nice body wash. I am happy to help you with either!

With love and gratitude,

Mary Kate

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